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Arise Unite Pursue @ 105 is the theme of AUP’s 5-day celebration on its 105th Founding Anniversary.

It kick-off its celebration last Jan. 28 with a Virtual Musical Concert participated in by 12 choirs of the University.

During the Sabbath celebration the university featured its alumni in action: The prima Lux batch ( first graduates of the college of medicine program)who have been catalyst for the start of the alumni Scholarship program for the college of medicine students.

The compelling message of Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Director of Education, General Conference, who shared her beloved recollections as a former student of PUC, has blessed and engaged the AUP community. Her address refocused the whole AUP community on its high calling from God, as well as how Adventist education equips and educates students for both the current and future worlds.

And on Sunday, the university had its virtual social activity, “FUNDEmics.” It brought back beautiful memories of our dear alumni, former workers and present workers, and students. TAGAAUP-kakung posts flooded social media, as alumni joyfully shared how AUP had impacted their lives…

On Monday, the AUP College of Medicine had its virtual celebration led by its Student Council, which was attended by Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, director of Education General Conference.

The virtual celebration of the 105th Founding Anniversary capped out the 5-day festivity. Highlights from the last quinquenium, which ran from 2015 to 2020, were highlighted. Dr. Francisco Gayoba discussed AUP’s future plans for the next five years. We eagerly await God’s direction for the university. Overall, it was a heartfelt and meaningful celebration.  This occasion inspired AUP to arise, unite, and pursue for greater heights. On Ever Onward. Shine On!